Hello, last time I wrote in January, and last night was our first episode since. There is a park at the end of the street where we live, and we have a fair this weekend, so took the teenah kids last night, after tea. We were riding the party and saw the girls, when a worker just came and asked for his autograph Deb. He had a picture of Deb spent a bit of our first message, bastards concert in front of Deb shows clearly, like a rooster in the trailer they had done, he had been dragged shit. As Deb signed something resigned, said the great man worn if you would like to win some free tickets for attractions and perhaps have another photo. The sudden flash of his eyes was the answer, and she was with Tom, and 20 minutes later, with passports from several trips to the girls. Tom had taken a trailer, where groping her breasts for a 38e minutes before it was quickly naked, so he could fuck her missionary style, using a condom, but not photos. deb told self, he teenah was asked later, but not the obligation, because he had no one to care for children and wanted me to check once only. Well, as much as I wanted, I could see how much Deb went to him and told him of a shot before you go, and I would like to see the children. Thus, 10 clock 30, the deposit of the nanny, Deb left, back to about 1. 15, well fucked. They had met Tom and he took them directly to the same caravan and soon had to open before setting up the command of wear, and Deb on hands and knees on the bed. Tom had just gone, if not unexpectedly opened the door and got three kids to take as time is an eyeful more popular. When the door said to Tom: "I thought you 'd like a little more, teenah a lotta his ass for a man, if I remember the website," He says he can not remember why, but we've known for a while Deb teenah is out there, we ask that no one can see, know s teenah nothing about it. Deb teenah and Tom suddenly have a mouth full of condoms full of his being replaced band one rooster. Deb believes that they all took her from behind, before she turned around and had sucked and bit her breasts while she gets fucked with a bottle J20 until it fell on them, came out to someone new who had a camera and said no more pictures. It was the picture of the bottle in the throat until the label, then all picked it up again, a missionary with condoms. She thinks that a couple should go for the third time, but came so often was not really tell. After a few drinks and some gropping farewell, Tom Deb saw the door of the park and watched teenah as she walked home. The fair is for Sunday night and Deb has been promised a good time when they return tonight. They are a serious thought.